Ancient Global Beauty Secrets - that are still used today: ARGAN OIL

Ancient Global Beauty Secrets - that are still used today: ARGAN OIL

In this series of posts, we’ll visit parts of the globe that yield secrets to natural hair and skin care that date back thousands of years. Come take a journey with us to reveal how women from A to Africa have relied on the botanical-based resources around them for some of the world’s most treasured beauty and self-care rituals.

Up first… AFRICA

The continent is a virtual fountain of some of the most effective and nurturing botanicals available. 

My ladies from Morocco know about this beauty secret! Argan Oil-

This “liquid gold” comes from the kernels of the argan trees (argania spinosa) native to southwestern Morocco – the only place they grow. Argan oil is first thought to have been used 4,000 years ago in oil lamps, but the earliest documentation of its potential as a cosmetic treatment was in 1219 by the physician Ibn Al Baythar, who wrote about its myriad benefits.

Berber tribeswomen have known about the benefits of argan oil for centuries, having discovered its power to protect hair and skin from their ultra-dry climate. And argan oil remains a traditional beauty mainstay – and important source of income – for them today. Many Berber women (also known as Amazigh women) work in co-ops to extract the oil through a multi-step manual process that takes 45 minutes to yield just four ounces of the oil. And it’s become increasingly precious as women around the world have sent demand for this wonder botanical skyrocketing.

Why? There’s almost no beauty issue argan oil can’t address. Ultra-rich in vitamin E, potent antioxidants, fatty acids, sterols and other compounds, it’s a one-stop youthful glow elixir. Argan oil softens and strengthens damaged hair while making it shine. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe and soften skin and reduce scarring. The nutrients in argan oil even help strengthen nails.

Women worldwide value argan oil for all these properties, but also because it’s an ideal choice for those who prefer natural, organic beauty products that deliver results without harsh chemicals. 

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