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SILKTÁGE, a manifestation of renowned beauty stylist Robin Emtage's vision, delivers rejuvenating remedies to promote skin, hair, and scalp care. We champion a holistic, organic approach, drawing from the rich beauty legacy of tropical regions worldwide, while proudly crafted in Beverly Hills, California.

💚 OUR MISSION is to provide enduring vitality and a radiant glow with natural rejuvenating solutions, inspired by tropical beauty secrets, catering to multi-cultural individuals, especially beneficial for aging beauty and wellness!

🌺 REJUVENATION FROM NATURE'S TREASURES 🌺 Rooted in the wisdom of centuries past, SILKTÁGE celebrates the power of botanical-based tropical beauty rituals. Our products are crafted using a global tropical blend of exotic ingredients, including soursop, aloe vera, acerola cherry, and rosehip oil, sourced from the Caribbean to South East Asia.

✨ TRANSFORM DULL AND AGING CONCERNS INTO RADIANT GLOW ✨ Our formulas are a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and organic goodness addressing dryness, inflammation, environmental damage, and premature aging. We believe in tangible, age-defying results that rejuvenate, nourish, and hydrate. SILKTÁGE products are designed for all skin and hair types, especially beneficial for those concerned with aging skin and hair.

💚 SILKTÁGE'S REASON FOR BEING 💚 Founded by established makeup and hair stylist Robin Emtage, SILKTÁGE was born out of a realization that most products on the market were laden with chemicals. Drawing from her upbringing in the Caribbean, where she witnessed the immense benefits of tropical ingredients for skin and hair, Robin understood that chemicals were unnecessary to achieve the health and vitality needed for a naturally beautiful complexion and hair. This marked the beginning of SILKTÁGE.

🌎 ECO-FORMULATED BEAUTY CONSCIOUSNESS 🌎 We've been clean from the start, promoting holistic beauty that's healthy for both the body and the planet. Our products contain only natural, organic, vegan, and authentic botanical ingredients, delivering age-defying benefits and supreme hydration. We believe in a green, sustainable processes, and cruelty-free practices. We are committed to using only the highest quality, wild-crafted, and ethically sourced ingredients. SILKTÁGE products are never tested on animals and always free of chemicals, parabens, artificial additives, toxins, and GMOs.

💚 OUR PHILOSOPHY 💚 At SILKTÁGE, We firmly believe that natural products offer an array of nutrients and serve as a safer alternative to chemical-laden products. We're deeply passionate about promoting clean and healthy beauty, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Your skin, hair, and body deserve the very best, and our organic beauty wellness products provide undeniable advantages.

🌿 We believe meaningful change starts with small lifestyle shifts, driving our commitment to water, food sovereignty, climate resilience, and sustainable agriculture. By eliminating water from our products and using fair trade ingredients, and practices, we align beauty with environmental responsibility. Every SILKTÁGE product reflects these values, inspiring a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Choose SILKTÁGE for a journey to natural, radiant beauty and confidence that's good for you and the planet.  Experience the Silktáge Glow with confidence. We're so sure you'll see results that we offer a Glow Guarantee: if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. Your radiance is our commitment.


Our Brand Stand