As a hair stylist, makeup artist, and the rare photographer who styles her subjects herself, Robin devoted her career to helping actresses and models look their best. "I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle for years, so I have been frustrated that most styling serums and oils in the marketplace were full of silicones, harsh chemicals, and preservatives. This led me on a quest to find a natural alternative, something truly pure and natural that would improve the health of the hair while making it silky, smooth, and shiny. After many fruitless searches for a pure hair styling product that I loved, I decided to create my own hair oil, using the most natural, organic, nontoxic oils on the planet, that not only is good for the hair but good for the skin as well."

Robin’s passion and knowledge of natural beauty remedies began during childhood in Trinidad, where she experienced her mother and grandmother utilizing local plants and herbs to heal burns, cuts, eczema and dry skin and milking the oil from the coconut to nourish the hair. Drawing from those ancient wisdom, Robin launched her first product SILKtage Rejuvenating Styling Serum.

"I create each product using the purest, time proven, organic botanicals mother nature has to offer; every drop provides rejuvenating and age-defying benefits to enhance your natural beauty and glow." 


All Good. Nothing Bad.

Silktáge is born out of genuine passion and commitment for providing pure, organic, multi-use, anti-aging products that are healthy for the body and the planet. We use only the purest, highest-quality, most effective global botanical ingredients that are fair traded, sustainable, ethnically sourced and derived from regions where women are known for their beautiful skin and hair. Our signature ingredients include Moroccan Argan Oil, Japanese Camellia Oil, Monoi Oil from the South Pacific, South American RoseHip Oil, Coconut Oil from the Tropics and Sesame Oil from India. We support fair trade women co-ops throughout the world, support human rights and are against the use of child labor and animal testing. All products are custom formulated and distributed by Silktáge by Emtage Beauty, Beverly Hills, California. We are committed to a lifestyle that focuses on the holistic approach of beauty, from the inside out.