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SILKTÁGE: Tropical Fusion Beauty is a collective of clean beauty wellness solutions using ultra rejuvenating multicultural tropical ingredients to help improve visible signs of skin, hair, and scalp damage. Elevating your radiance and healthy glow as you age.
Black Women-Owned - By Established Stylist, Robin Emtage - Handcrafted in Beverly Hills, CA
- Experience the Silktáge Glow with confidence. Your radiance is our commitment.

About Our Founder, Robin Emtage

Robin Emtage

Robin Emtage, an established stylist with a deep appreciation for her Caribbean heritage, founded SILKTÁGE to celebrate and elevate multi-cultural tropical natural beauty rituals. As a recognized hairstylist, makeup artist, and natural beauty expert, Robin had become disheartened by the prevalence of styling serums and oils in the market that were laden with silicones, harsh chemicals, and preservatives. Robin took matters into her own hands and decided to create her own line of natural solutions. Growing up in Trinidad, Robin was captivated by her grandmother, who concocted many natural health and beauty remedies using ingredients that grew right outside her front door. Robin remembers when she was a child, she sustained a burn on her forearm that would have left her permanently scarred. Her grandmother applied the gel from an aloe vera plant to her arm and covered it with soursop. Within days the burn was healed and no scar was left. Robin experienced the transformative results of such natural treatments firsthand. Inspired by ancient wisdom, cultural rituals, and her affinity for natural ingredients, Robin felt compelled to create natural tropical inspired solutions to improve the health and appearance of undernourished skin, hair, and scalp care. This marked the beginning of SILKTÁGE.

Tropical Inspired. California Made.

Robin Emtage

Starting in her own kitchen, Robin crafted her first product, a hair oil using the purest, most sought-after botanical oils from Tropical regions around the world.
Today, Silktáge stands as a testament to Robin Emtage's unwavering commitment to celebrating and enhancing the beauty of diverse cultures.
From aloe vera and argan oil to soursop and sea moss, Silktáge products incorporate a range of powerful botanical ingredients such as rosehip oil, camellia oil, hibiscus, moringa, marula, bhringaraj, and more.
These signature ingredients only scratch the surface of what you can expect from SILKTÁGE. Though our process is rooted in ancient remedies, we take a modern approach to accommodate the needs of women today. By combining rich blends of tropical ingredients from the Caribbean, South America, South East Asia, and Africa, we are able to target various beauty concerns used for centuries to effectively nourish dryness, aging skin, acne prone skin, damaged hair and scalp care. We provide women with a holistic approve to beauty that embrace your best self, unlocking the beauty and vitality that nature intended.

Kind to People & the Planet


SILKTÁGE is committed to providing high-quality products crafted to restore the health of your hair and skin. Our philosophy is grounded in purity and empowered by our customers who value natural alternatives. Each product is handcrafted by Robin Emtage, ensuring the absence of parabens, sulfates, silicones, artificial colors, fragrances, and other toxic ingredients. Highlighting SILKTÁGE’S promise of pure, clean, all-natural, organic formulations to brighten, rejuvenate, and strengthen collagen to enhance your skin’s natural glow, and your hair’s natural vitality at any age. 

Additionally, our commitment to protecting your skin and hair extends to the planet and its creatures. No animals are involved in our process, ensuring their safety. We believe meaningful change starts with small lifestyle shifts, driving our commitment to water, food sovereignty, climate resilience, and sustainable agriculture. By eliminating water from our products and using fair trade, sustainable ingredients, and practices, we align beauty with environmental responsibility. Every SILKTÁGE product reflects these values, inspiring a cleaner, more sustainable world. We contribute to a brighter future where compassion is the standard and truly clean beauty is celebrated!