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I can’t say this Soursop Tea Scalp Tonic is a miracle cure for my scalp issues but after a week, my scalp is looking healthy, dandruff free and less itching. For the first time in years I don’t have to use dandruff shampoo with all the chemicals. I love that the scalp tonic is 100% pure and clean. Smells great too! I am hopeful. Will recommend.
Blaine Cannon

This soursop tonic is wow, amazing! I use it in between washing my hair and it cleans my scalp without shampoo I feel. I love that it has aloe ever and green tea as well. I don't know what soursop is but I want to eat it now.
Jill Bendon

I am about 10 days in using soursop tea scalp tonic. I have heard of soursop and how amazing it is for the health of the body but looks like its great for the skin and hair as well. Going the natural route was the only option for me so I am very pleased. I see the potential if I continue to use it for my scalp health. Love it!
Lynda Sheridan