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Rosehip is an amazing oil. It”s the first time am using it with another ingredient. I am new to soursop oil but wow, I love it! I have acne sensitive dry skin and this helped with the acne scars and dark pigmentation around my lips and nose area. I thought I loved rosehip but this combo with soursop is amazing!
Glady Paris

This is a beautiful combo. I love Rosehip oil and I love the soursop fruit so when I saw I wanted to give it a try. So glad I got it. A few drops each evening before bed and the wrinkles round my eyes are lessening and redness is gone. It’s also good for healing scratches and small cuts. My favorite beauty oils to combat my fine lines and rosacea.
Alex Thomas

Rosehip seed oil is by far the best natural oil treatment I have found to fade my skin discoloration and acne scars. With soursop oil added I like it even more. It's super hydrating and silky.
Ashley Janson