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I have been using a roller for over 10 years so I was excited to see what a textured roller would do, I was completely blown away by the advancement of the roller. The acupuncture like spiky texture feels much more effective at stimulating collagen and circulation than the smooth rollers. It gave my skin an instant glow and rosy complexion. I am officially moving onto the advanced textured rose quartz.
Kay Lopez

This rose quartz textured roller is soothing, relaxing and stimulating. I have added it to my daily skincare and self-care routine. I love the product and the packaging.
Elle Olson

This rose quartz textured roller by Silktage is like getting an age-defying spa treatment at home. I use it every night along with the gua sha and my favorite facial oil. I wake up with rosy, glowy skin. Lovely package.
Tiffany Newton