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I'm really happy that I found Silktage Repair + Rejuvenate Scalp Oil treatment for my dry, flaky and itchy scalp. It's awesome because it soothes and calms the skin. I applied it on my scalp before i got to bed, and by the morning i wash my hair. I try to use it a least once a week because it's important to be constant with this to see results. It makes my hair easier to manage. Love the peppermint scent!
Kathleen Bradley

I had never heard of a pre-wash hair oil before, so I was excited to experiment with this one. My hair is dry, damaged, and I suffer from split ends. I could use all the hair nourishment that I can find! I found that for best results, I apply a dime size amount all over my hair, concentrating on the ends. Then I work my way up to my scalp. I evenly coat my hair, then go to bed. I would advise using an old pillow or pillow case when using this over night as oils can stain fabrics. When I showered the next day, my hair just felt wonderful. So bouncy, lively, and beautiful. 
Heather Storm

Although it is an oil, it is not real oily. A little goes a long way. But I love using it overnight to get a deep treatment. I like the twist top for dispensing the product. It works great! Such amazing, pure, clean, natural ingredients without all the chemicals.
Mrs Chalmond

I have had dryness and dandruff on my scalp for over 10 years. I had used SILKTAGE products before so I was excited that they had a scalp oil treatment. The first time I applied the oil to my scalp I felt the difference immediately. My scalp felt moisturized and I had no itchy dryness and flaky dandruff on my scalp. I use it once, sometimes twice a week. I also love using it as a hot oil treatment. A really cool bonus is that the oil is making my hair grow thicker and longer. I highly recommend Silktage Scalp Oil as it has made my scalp healthy again!
Erika Ward