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I am using this roller ball Argan oil mainly on my fingernails, which take a beating from dry skin and the various wood sanding and needlecrafts I do as hobbies. My nails are much improved after about 10 days of using this and the rosehip version. Between the two, my cuticles are calm and pink again (as opposed to chapped looking, dry, cracked and red). The rollerball is nice and distributes just the right amount of oil to prevent wasting the product. Shine, less knots, less breakage and almost no static or frizz ever.
Carol Taylor

I have been using this argan oil roller for a little over a week now and have really enjoyed how convenient it’s made my usual oil application. I just toss this in my purse and roll it over my cuticles or any dry spots on my skin as needed throughout the day. There is no mess or dropper to deal with, I just roll it on and rub it in and I’m good to go.
Fox ForceFIve

The rollerball is a wonderful amber glass bottle and has a metal rollerball as opposed to plastic, which is a plus to me. I would highly recommend this argan oil. Because of its convenient and handy (and chic) bottle, you can spot treat anywhere on your body from tender or itchy scalp to dry heels, wrinkles, and more. It is so soothing and softening anywhere I put it. Love it!
Thelma Lou

Love this little Argan Oil Rollerball. I'm not new to using Argan Oil. My shampoo and conditioner have Argan Oil in them and I've used hair products with this oil and my hair and skin respond very well to it. What I love about this product is how handy and portable it is. Oil can be messy and getting just the right amount out without getting it all over yourself is tricky. The rollerball is a great way to apply just enough to hair or skin. You can also throw it in your purse and have it handy with you wherever you go. Love this little oil rollerball and highly recommend it.
Farnoosh Brock

This argan oil roller ball applicator is simple, easy and effective! My favorite ways of using this are for lip and cuticle treatment. The steel ball glides on perfectly and applies the perfect amount of product without over saturating the skin.
Jenny Melendez

Argan oil is something that I was introduced to about a year ago. Prior to receiving this, I had only been using it for my hair. This rollerball applicator makes it a lot easier to use other places. I started by using this under my eyes. I am in my late 40's and have been using a variety of anti-aging products for the past few years. The rollerball applicator made it really easy to apply under the eyes and not too messy to apply the oil to my nails.This oil is virtually scentless and seems comparable to other argan oils that I have used. The dispenser is the game changer!
L Vesper

I love Argan oil. I think it's a miracle oil really. I love that it's vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA, USDA organic certified. No chemicals, no parabens etc. Love that! Packaging is 100% recycled cardboard too.
D Hickman

I love this argan oil in a convenient rollerball bottle. I love that I can throw this into my purse and have moisturizing argan oil at my fingertips. This is perfect argan oil for the hair. I also use this around my eyes and neck. My eyes actually seem a bit firmer and more toned.
Deirdre Pepper