All the Reasons Why You Need More Facial Massages in Your Life

All the Reasons Why You Need More Facial Massages in Your Life

Imagine this. It’s the end of a long day. Your face is freshly washed. Your hair is pulled away from your face. And it’s your favorite part of your skincare routine. Face massage time!!!

Here’s what you need for this self-care moment. Start with a clean face. Grab your favorite Silktage facial oil - the Rosehip Seed Oil + Soursop Oil really shines in the spotlight here. You can use clean hands, but using a facial massage tool like our rose quartz roller or gua sha is *chef’s kiss*. 

You can massage your face morning and night, if that’s your vibe, but if you remember to massage your face at least once a week, your skin (and stress levels) will thank you. 

Benefits of face massage include releasing facial tension, increasing circulation and collagen production, lymphatic drainage, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting skin elasticity.

Your skin will appear firmer and lifted, less puffy because you’re draining excess lymphatic fluid, brighter due to the increased circulation, and hydrated because of your Silktage facial oils. 

PS: Silktage’s facial massage tools are made with rose quartz which is a crystal all about self-love and compassion. If you pop your rose quartz roller or gua sha in the freezer before use, the chilled facial tool will help reduce inflammation, puffiness, or redness as you use it on your skin. 

Age-Defying, Rejuvenating, De-Puffing

Rose Quartz Crystal Beauty Tools have been used for centuries to rejuvenate, de-puff, tighten, stimulate lymph drainage and blood circulation while toning the skin and underlying muscles of your face, neck and eye area for rejuvenated, silky, dewy, glowing skin. The Rose Quartz crystal, known as the love stone channels love and positive energy. A healing stone that reduces tension and stress while offering stimulating and nourishing properties, guaranteed to help you love your new visibly brighter, youthful complexion.

Our Pure Rose Quartz Beauty Tools is the perfect addition to every skincare ritual. It is recommended to use daily from forehead to décolleté, to improve the texture, tone, skin glow, and radiance.

These beautiful crystal tools never fail to disappoint, not only in enhancing our skincare routines by detoxifying and de-puffing but also in helping to massage away tension.

The Rose Quartz Textured Roller is a rejuvenating facial massage tool that improves and enhances skin texture and radiance. This Ancient Asian Beauty Secret has been known to provide miraculous results, allowing to relax facial tension, reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and pore size, while boosting skin properties through lymphatic drainage, promoting circulation, elasticity. The textured spiky roller has a gentle acupuncture effect that accelerates blood circulation and boosts collagen. While the cooling sensation aid in reducing puffiness around the eyes and face.

The Gua Sha Butterfly Tool is an Asian beauty secret used for centuries to enhance blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, de-puff and relaxes facial muscles to help lift saggy jawline, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Our Rose Quartz butterfly shape gua sha is designed to lift, drain and sculpt the face, rejuvenating the skin for a youthful, radiant, dewy glow.


Use daily morning and night to optimize results.

Place inside the refrigerator for a few minutes to quickly de-puff under the eyes and face.

Place inside the refrigerator for a few minutes to quickly de-puff under the eyes and face.

Apply your favorite oil on a clean face. This will allow the roller to glide easily on the skin and help the absorption of the oil and increase the benefits.