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Article: Green Tea for the healthy of the body and Beauty!

Green Tea for the healthy of the body and Beauty!

Green Tea for the healthy of the body and Beauty!

Was one of your resolution’s this year to “Go Green?”  Why not go, “Green Tea!” Did you know Green tea is one of the healthiest things you can consume? Green Tea is an ancient Asian brew that can increase your memory and concentration, boost energy levels, improve immunity, and so much more. 

For healthy skin, drinking green tea has been found to be anti-aging, UV ray skin protection, improve skin tone, and reduce acne. If you apply green tea topically is can also provide infinite health benefits!


Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Start Putting Green Tea On Your Face:

1.  It’s An Exfoliator

Green tea not only removes dead skin cells, it rejuvenates the dying ones by utilizing the slightly abrasive texture of dry green tea leaves. This fantastic exfoliator will also help to remove excess oil and pollutants, exposing the cleansed and renewed skin underneath.

2. Sun Protection

Drinking green tea has been shown in several scientific studies to protect the skin and neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays.

There was a study done in which reports, the equivalent of two cups of green tea a day can reduce both the inflammation and skin redness associated with sun exposure.

3. Oily Skin Treatment

Tannins in green tea act as an astringent which shrinks pores. Green tea also helps to reduce the production of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) by the glands in each pore. Making it a much better solution than harsh conventional treatments for those with oily skin, which only get the job done by removing excess oil, rather than by reducing production.

4. Anti-Aging

Green Tea contains antioxidants which are our most powerful weapon in the fight against aging, with these particular classes of antioxidants – known as catechins – being especially potent. The catechin EGCG is especially beneficial and makes up a large percentage of the catechins in green tea. EGCG has been found in research to reactivate dying skin cells!

Other antioxidants in Green Tea also help prevent free radical damage and encourage healing of cells – all of which make it anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, sun protector.

5. Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory

An added benefit to the antioxidants contained in Green Tea is those of which contain properties that can fight inflammation and bacteria.

Studies have also shown that green teas possess anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic potential, which can be exploited against a variety of skin disorders’.

As you can see there are so many reasons to “Go Green Tea!” Not only to gain that awesome glowing skin complexion, but also use it in your hair care routine as well. Products such as SILKTAGE Rejuvenating Styling Hair Oil which contains Camellia oil (Green tea) oil. From the same flower that makes green tea, are beneficial to your hair. The antioxidant EGCG found in green tea has also been proven to stimulate hair growth. A tea rinse can help kill microbes that may cause dandruff and will give your mane a glossy sheen.

So this year, why not “Go Green!” You’ll be happy you did, and it tastes good too.

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