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Article: After 40: 5 tips for taking care of your hair and scalp!

After 40: 5 tips for taking care of your hair and scalp!
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After 40: 5 tips for taking care of your hair and scalp!

After 40, our hair becomes more fragile and needs more attention. How can we take care of it to keep our hair healthy and beautiful? 

Having healthy hair is definitely a dream of every woman at any age. We are always looking for new products that will allow us to enhance our hair. However, as we grow older, our hair fiber gets tired and loses its vitality. As a result, our hair tends to be thinner than when we were young. We reassure you, this does not mean that we have to let our hair fall without remedy. On the contrary, there are a few tricks to show off thick hair after 40. 

Thick hair after 40: using the right products 

As a general rule, it's important to use the right products for your hair. According to the type of hair we have, we need to give it what it needs to ensure its healthy growth. For this, we will not skimp on weekly care based on ingredients that promote the thickening of hair according to its nature. We will opt for reliable hair products with natural ingredients. 

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why do we lose our hair? 

As we age, our hormonal cycle becomes more masculine, our female hormone levels decrease and our male hormone levels are maintained. This disrupts the life of the hair, which gradually shrinks and loses its strength. As a result, we lose our hair and it tends to become dull. If this is completely normal, it is important to treat our hair loss at the first signs. 

Treat your scalp with great care 

To have beautiful hair, it is essential to treat the scalp. Your scalp can become dry and produce less sebum as time goes by. Have you always had dry, thick hair? It may become even drier. On the contrary, an oily scalp can become even more oily. The hair growth process is a bit like a plant: you have to treat the root. If the blood supply to the scalp is poor, the hair will become thinner or dandruff will develop. 

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 Whether the cause is hormonal, genetic, or environmental, we can't fight these factors, but we can limit the damage by giving them the best care. Hair loss, lack of vitality, lifeless color, dry hair... When we reach a certain age, hair problems can start to appear. Before investing in expensive treatments thinking that they will fix all our problems, a good hair routine will help us get back on track. It all starts in the bathroom, with these tips from the pros 

Tip #1: Avoid washing your hair too often 

Be careful not to over-wash your hair, because it can really dry it out. That's something we see a lot. But then, what's the right frequency? 

You need to wash them enough to get rid of dirt and pore-clogging oil, so not showering for a week isn't ideal. Conversely, showering too often can dry out the hair, scalp, and skin and can become a problem we suggest starting by washing your hair every other day and seeing how your hair adapts. 

For women with natural hair, we suggest shampooing weekly, even if you wear extensions. You can wash braids, you can wash weaves. Scalp health is really important. But limit the amount of shampoo. You can mix a little oil or conditioner to your shampoo to lessen the potentially drying effects. You may also try using a dry shampoo (commercially or DYI). 

DYI: Add Arrowroot or tapioca powder to the scalp and massage into scalp, rinse well, then apply conditioner, wash out and style as usual. 

Tip #2: Don't stress out about your hair all the time 

Be gentle with your hair, and avoid all those hairstyles that pull and squeeze your hair, it's not as forgiving as it used to be! We also advise avoiding "high-temperature hair dryers, harsh chemicals, and repeated salon treatments." 

Tip #3: Try nutritional supplements 

As we age, our skin stops producing as much oil and collagen as it used to, which affects not only our skin but also our hair. Take vitamin D3, vitamin C and biotin/folic acid. In addition to supplements, we recommend favoring foods rich in biotin (aka vitamin B7), such as egg yolks, legumes, nuts and seeds, liver, sweet potatoes, bananas, and mushrooms. 

Tip #4: Stay well hydrated 

We hear a lot about how important water is for skin hydration, but it's also extremely important for the health of our hair. Drinking lots of water helps with everything. Hair needs to be well hydrated to maintain its growth. That's the foundation for beautiful hair! 

Tip #5: If you notice hair loss, seek medical help 

Women do particularly well from a hair perspective. With women, the causes of hair loss can be multifaceted. It can be caused by unstable estrogen levels, lack of vitamin D, thyroid and autoimmune conditions, or temporary conditions such as telogen effluvium. When the problem becomes recurrent, it's best to see your doctor for proper treatment. 

Here's to you glowing at every age of life!

Peace & Glow 




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