Skincare Tips for Men

Skincare Tips for Men

We always talk about natural beauty and skincare, and with Father’s Day coming this weekend, we wondered how many fathers/men out there take time to care for their skin. They may not talk about it, but men like women are wanting anti-aging tips and products just as much as woman do. It’s likely that men are less likely to keep an eye on their skin, that means they are subject to more the risk of having skin problems. So in celebration of Father’s Day Emtage Beauty wants to give all the fathers out there, “3 Natural Beauty Skincare Tips for Men.”


1. Clean your skin

As the day progresses most often a man’s skin tends to get oily. That excess oil can stick to the skin, along with their sweat and can block the pores. This in turn can cause your razor from gliding smoothly over your skin when you go to shave. So always be sure to wash your face with water and facial soap in order to prevent blockages.


2. Protect your skin

Men are often typically out in the elements much more than women, believe it or not. Because of this they are subjecting their skin to more UV rays, environmental pollution, wind damage, and other factors that all work together to age the skin, producing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Therefore it is just as important for men to take care of their skin and health as it is for women. Skin cancer is a serious illness, and melanoma can be very dangerous. At the very least, men should be using sunscreen, but besides that, they need to use moisturizers that are filled with protective antioxidants. Protecting against skin cancer is the number-one reason to think about using skin care.


3. Improve your skin with “Liquid Gold”

There’s this oil and everyone is always talking about it. It’s one of our personal favs and it’s not just for women…Argan Oil. One of the best things about Argan oil is that it’s just as good for dry skin as it is for oily complexions. That's because its components interact with your skin in a way that helps manage your natural oil production. You only need just a few drops of organic Argan Oil in place of your daily moisturizing cream, once a day and again at night, so it can fully absorb.


“Happy Father’s Day!” from Emtage Beauty!