Organic Vs. Mineral

Organic Vs. Mineral

Organic Makeup vs Mineral Makeup

Some would agree that there is not a big difference between organic makeup and mineral makeup. Some would also agree, that they often come across most ingredients that don't seem much different. However, Organic Makeup is NOT the same as Mineral Makeup. Although they have some ingredients in common, there are differences in in comparison of the two.

Starting with organic makeup. Organic make up is manufactured organically made up of plants of organic sources. They have no synthetic relation or affiliation with genetically modified organisms. Organic plants used are grown without any pesticides or insecticides making them pure. Organic make up has no toxic chemicals, parabens, dyes etc. that are used in the production of organic cosmetics. They are also rich in essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Authentic organic makeup in addition should be 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Mineral makeup on the other hand, as the name suggests is made from natural minerals. These are fine micronized minerals and inorganic pigments found in earth that and are then crushed into powder form. Keep in mind that not all mineral makeup is the same. Some may also contain ingredients that are not needed.  However, true natural mineral makeup products contain no harmful or chemical substances such as preservatives like mineral oil, synthetic waxes, dyes or fragrances found in traditional cosmetics.

Take a look at what the different ingredients are that are listed next time you pick up an organic or mineral makeup product. You will be surprised to see that although they may seem similar, there is in fact a difference.


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