New Year, New Hair, New You!

New Year, New Hair, New You!

It’s a new year and one of new year’s resolution is to change your hair care routine. So why not make the switch to 100% organic, all natural hair products. You’ve thrown out your petroleum-filled lip balms, your paraben-laden moisturizer, and your aluminum-based deodorant. But what about your shampoo bottle?

How easy it is to forget that hair care is still an important part of your beauty routine, even when it’s not going directly on your skin. Just because it’s not going on your skin, doesn’t mean that the chemicals found in many commercial conditioners and hairsprays are exempt.

Our crowning glory is our hair, therefore it’s understandable why many people tend to spend so much money to keep their manes shiny, healthy, and full, going from one salon to the next to try and find various hair services and products. We all have varying hair texture and color and this alone makes choosing commercially available hair care products a very tedious task. Therefore, if you’re striving to achieve healthy looking hair with incredible shine, the smart choice is purchasing 100% organic, natural hair care products that will not pose serious dangers to your health with prolonged use. This way, you are not only protecting your hair but your overall health as well.

Why should you use organic hair products?

Organic hair care products offer a variety of benefits for both your hair and scalp, giving you immediately noticeable results. Unlike commercial hair products made up of mostly toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals like Sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, derivatives of lauryl alcohol, Propylene glycol (antifreeze), Myreth sulfate, and Olefin sulfonate or deodorized kerosene which can all irritate your scalp. Organic hair products are made from all-natural ingredients that are good for and gentle on your scalp. These harmful ingredients cause irritation of oil glands, hair loss, dry scalp, nerve damage, and skin irritation. Shampoos and conditioners that are organic, gently infuse your skin cells and hair follicles with natural oils and minerals, as well as herbal extracts, effectively treating dandruff and scalp irritation while giving you healthy-looking and shiny hair.

Switching from commercial hair products to organic hair products is definitely a wise decision. You’ll, definitely want to compare the results. Just remember, some people tend to achieve better and faster results using organic hair products while others may not or take more time. Like commercial hair products, organic hair products are also not created equal. It may take time before you find that one organic product that best suits your hair type. Try not to give up until you find the one that’s perfect for you. After all, if they are 100% organic and natural it is safe to try until you find your match. Just be sure to check the label carefully because 9 out of 10 “organic” hair products contain at least one chemical or preservative.

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