CBD for Skincare: What is CBD? What You Need to Know.

CBD for Skincare: What is CBD?  What You Need to Know.

What is CBD? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been receiving a lot of media attention lately, and you may have wondered how and why this product is being used in everything from skincare to coffee products.  What is CBD exactly and why is it suddenly so popular?

How is cannabidiol different from marijuana?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is one of the active ingredients that is harvested from the cannabis plant.  Because the cannabis plant is also where people get the active substance used in marijuana that causes users to get "high", there has been a lot of confusion about CBD and what it does. CBD comes directly from the cannabis plant and is Hemp-derived.  Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant.  Hemp-derived CBD does not contain THC, which is the part of the plant that causes psychoactive effects that will make you high.  Therefore, CBD will not make you high - but do produce Radiance, Renewal, and Glow! CBD is also non-Toxic and non-addictive. This also means, according to a report from the World Health Organization, that “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. 

To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” However, there are few things to consider when choosing CBD products: Check the label for assurances of their potency and purity.  Scan the QR code, if available to check the lab results by a third-party certificate of analysis to verify its authenticity. Verify that content clearly identified that the THC content is less than 0.3% from hemp-derived CBD oil. Choose organic CBD over conventional CBD to avoid any trace of pesticides and herbicides. Confirm that the product is made with ethically sourced, fair-traded CBD and harvested in the USA or Canada. Select products with at least 150mg per ounce of CBD to ensure maximum benefit

Topical vs Oral CBD

CBD is used in many products, including oral and topicals.  For example, CBD is used orally for stress, sleep, anxiety, and pain.  However, it is also used in skincare and pain relief products, rather than ingested.
Topical CBD infused products are applied directly onto the skin and are highly beneficial, offering healing and rejuvenating benefits, from treating wrinkles and dryness to calming skin inflammation and soothing sore muscles.  CBD applied to the skin allows for immediate absorption and healing results. It penetrates deeply into the skin through the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and the pores.  There they interact with the skin tissues and nerve fibers to calm and aid in the healing process.  CBD is found in many topical products including oils, balms, lotions, and salves. CBD can also be consumed, in the form of oral components.  They are usually taken as a pill or liquid that is placed under the tongue or directly swallowed to help balance the body and elevate the mind.  Ingested forms go into the body and then ultimately end up in the bloodstream.  It is important to remember that the topical and ingested forms cannot always be used interchangeably.  Topical CBD products often contain other ingredients that may or may not be toxic if taken orally.  Always check labels.

Benefits of Topical CBD Oil 
CBD oil-infused skincare products are high in antioxidants and have powerful healing abilities.  CBD oil for skin rehydrates, heals, and regenerates the skin.  Adding CBD oil products to your beauty routine can slow the signs of aging, smooth skin texture, improve elasticity, protect from sun damage, reduce puffiness, and also reduce muscle tension in the face.  Opt for organic CBD oil for the best CBD oil for treating aging skin, hydration, sensitive skin, inflammation, acne, eczema, joint pain, itchy scalp, damaged hair and itchy beard and the skin beneath.

Add CBD BEAUTY OILS to your skincare and self-care routine to produce radiance, renewal and glow! 



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